My name is Simon Alleyne and it has been my great pleasure to document The Echo Echo Festival of Dance & Movement over the past 7 years. Echo Echo Dance Theatre and the amazing creative folk who work there have provided me a space where I can express my artistic talent alongside theirs and watch and capture beautiful and impactful dance. It was one of many sad moments of 2020 when I learnt the festival had been cancelled due to the current pandemic. However, Steve, the Creative Director, reached out to me asking if I would be interested in curating a retrospective photo gallery of the past 7 years of the festival, a request I was more than happy to agree to. Designing this gallery was a delight and reminded me again of my passion to capture life and emotions as they happen and wherever they happen.

The Gallery

To view my gallery please click the button beneath this text where you will be directed to a new page with the images. The gallery will play through the 150 images automatically and will last 10 minutes and 11 seconds. However, if you want to control the speed you can click on the image and navigate the images manually at your own speed. If you click on the images you will enter a full-screen gallery where you will also be able to see the artist's names, their performance title, and what year they performed at the festival by clicking the information button in the top left.

One of my favourite elements of the festival is the music and I've selected a song for you to enjoy while looking through the gallery.  It was used by Ayesha Mailey, a member of the Echo Echo ensemble, in her performance "See Me Disappear" and is "Utayomidori" by Manhã. There will be a play icon at the top of the gallery page, click it to start the music if you so chose.

I hope you enjoy these reminders of the Echo Echo Festival of Dance & Movement 2013-19 and you will be inspired to attend some of their wonderful performances in their beautiful Derry studios when the opportunity arises. I guarantee you will have a great time and go home smiling.



Thank you to all the artists and companies involved in Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement 2013-2019. Further info at


Music credit: Manhan (Hikari & Ichigo)

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